Chameleon advanced - set to make its commercial debut



After our successful Chameleon densitometer has completed an impressive 10-year life cycle, we are glad to announce the market launch of its successor model:


Using a completely new technology and a revolutionary operator control concept, the new Chameleon advanced as well is bound to set standards for the years to come.


  • Advanced LED technology replaces damage-prone bulbs, filters and movable components. Combined with the latest measurement technology, this makes for unsurpassed measuring performance.

  • An uncompromising power management concept obviates the need for environmentally harmful rechargeables. A standard battery is sufficient to log virtually the same number of operating hours as the life-span of previous storage batteries.

  • Its extremely low weight (153 g) makes the instrument excellently suited for use in harsh operating environments. It may even survive a drop without suffering damage.

  • The Chameleon advanced is paying tribute to the growing use of spot colors: not only does it measure spot colors but it can also recognize them. On top of that, users have the possibility of saving their own reference colors in the instrument's memory.

  • Our revolutionary operator control concept brings a new dimension to easy-to-use controls. With the new Chameleon advanced we have succeeded in topping design-for-simplicity which has become the hallmark of all of our instruments. A single mouse click on the color pad of the new GraphicMenu replaces several operational steps. The new concept permits you to do your job fast and efficiently.

  • No need to say that we have retained all the features that our customers have come to appreciate: ease of handling through ergonomic design and easy-to-read high-contrast display showing 4 colors simultaneously.

  • And not to forget the service that comes with the Chameleon advanced: a 3-year warranty is our standard.


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